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An innovative & creative cutting system
dedicated to the best hairdressers.

Blade Art Air is a nozzle-razor to create carved haircuts and new looks! This item can be used with the new Gamma Più ARIA hairdryer

ARIA is the first hair dryer in the world
allowing you to cut and dry hair at the same time!

Japanese interchangeable blades for carved haircuts.
The heated-up blades seal the hair cuticle preserving the natural hydration.

It is made of a special plastic material resistant to dropping and high temperature

Border Blade Art Air Blade Art Air

It is super easy to use and it is much safer than scissors

You can use it with 1 or 2 blades depenging on the haristyle you want to carve

Border Blade Art Air Blade Art Air

Japanese technology

Blade Art Air comes with 4 Japanese blades from Kasho. Blades are coated with antistatic & antibacterial silicone for a clear cut without pulling the hair out.

Border Blade Art Air

Blade Art Air Tutorial

Please watch the video before use:


Attach Blade Art Air to Gamma Più ARIA hairdryer


Cut hair from the top according to the direction of your hair growth


Replace blade, remove old blade


Set your creativity free!

The revolutionary tool to cut hair with the new Gamma Più ARIA hairdryer

Pack Blade Art Air

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